Responsible Gaming

Updated: May 2024

Jack’s House B.V. (the “Company”), the owner and operator of the Otherworld platform at, is committed to endorsing responsible gameplay and protecting its customers. To this end, the Company strives to ensure that its customers enjoy their experience while remaining aware of the potential risks associated with online gameplay. Accordingly, the Company has developed policies and features to enable customers to control their play and seek assistance when necessary. The Company reserves the right to activate these measures unilaterally if, in our sole discretion, we consider them appropriate.

1. Customer Care Principles

Otherworld wants to provide a safe and fun environment for its customers. To this end, Otherworld does not recommend playing on its platform under the following circumstances:

  • The customer is being treated or is in recovery for an addiction/dependency;
  • The customer is under the influence of alcohol or any other mind-altering substance;
  • The customer is currently experiencing financial difficulty or a traumatic life event;
  • The customer does not understand how to play the games provided on the platform; and/or
  • The customer has experienced mental health concerns, cognitive impairment, or brain injury.

2. Tools and Resources

Otherworld provides its customers with accessible tools and resources to assist in the management of responsible gameplay.

A. Personal Limits

If at any point, a customer believes he or she is depositing too much money, playing too many games, or betting too much, he or she may implement Responsible Gaming Limits. Setting Responsible Gaming Limits allows the customer to continue to play within certain parameters that he or she sets. There are several types of Responsible Gaming Limits that a customer may impose, including the following:

  • Deposit Limit: a limit on the amount of money that may be deposited into a customer’s account for a day, week, or a month.
  • Wagering Limits: a limit on the amount a customer may wager for a day, week, or month.
  • Purchase Limit: a limit on the amount of purchases a customer may make for a day, week or month. Once the limit is reached, the customer will not be able to make any additional purchases until the limit resets.
  • Session Limit: a limit on the amount time spent on the Otherworld platform. The restriction takes effect instantly. When a customer hits the time limit, he or she will automatically be logged out of the account. The limit may be set for a period of six to 1,000,000 minutes.

Once selected, Responsible Gaming Limits go into effect immediately and can be amended at any time. A customer may lower his or her limit immediately. However, a customer may raise his or her limit only after confirming their decision via email confirmation and only after a limit of the same type expires. This procedure is intended to aid customers in avoiding rash decision-making.

Customers may set Responsible Gaming Limits on their “Account” page on our site. Customers may also contact the Otherworld support team at with any questions regarding the Responsible Gaming Limit process.

B. Cooling-Off Period

Customers may select to enact a “Cooling-Off Period” for a specific period of time, such as 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours. During the Cooling-Off Period, the Customer will not be permitted to engage in game play; will be restricted from making deposits into their account; and will be excluded from receiving all promotional offers from Otherworld. However, the customer may still withdraw the funds that remain in his or her account.

Once selected, the Cooling Off Period takes effect immediately. Upon expiration of the Cooling-Off Period, the customer’s account will automatically be re-activated, and all features will be made accessible.

Customers may implement a Cooling-Off Period on their “Account” page on our site. Customers may also contact the Otherworld support team at with any questions regarding the Responsible Play Limit process.

C. Self-Exclusion

Customers may suspend their account for a longer period of time through Self-Exclusion. The customer may choose to self-exclude for a period of six months, one year, three years, five years, or indefinitely. During this period of time, customers will be unable to access their account and will be unsubscribed from receiving any marketing or promotional materials.

Customers may implement a Cooling-Off Period on their “Account” page on our site. Customers may also contact the Otherworld support team at to request a period of Self-Exclusion. The support team will promptly respond and take all measures to block access to the customer’s account and to ensure the customer does not receive promotional materials during the period of Self-Exclusion.

During the Self-Exclusion period, customers are unable to deposit or withdraw funds from their account on their own. To withdraw funds remaining in their account, customers must contact the Otherworld support team via email to initiate a withdrawal of their remaining balance. The support team will respond to the customer’s request within (1) day to assist with the withdrawal process. Please note that active Self-Exclusion does not exempt a customer from verification procedures and all funds will be paid in accordance with Otherworld’s Terms and Conditions.

When a defined Self-Exclusion period is chosen, the customer’s account will automatically reactivate once the chosen time period has elapsed. When an indefinite Self-Exclusion period is selected, a minimum of six months must pass before the account can be reactivated.

D. Permanent Self-Exclusion

Customers who wish to close their account may request a Permanent Self-Exclusion. This means that the customer’s account will remain closed forever. Customers may implement Permanent Self-Exclusion on their “Account” page on our site. Customers may also email the Otherworld support team at to request a Permanent Self-Exclusion.  The customer support team will promptly process the request and implement the Permanent Self Exclusion within one (1) day.

Once the customer has selected Permanent Self-Exclusion, he or she will not be able to re-open or access the account. This means that the customer will not be able to access any remaining balance in their account and will not be able to withdraw any funds from their account on their own.

After selecting Permanent Self-Exclusion, the customer may contact customer support via email  at to withdraw the remaining balance from their account. The customer support team will process this request promptly and provide the remaining funds to the customer within no more than three (3) days.

E. External Resources

Customers who believe that their gameplay has or may become problematic may consider it helpful to utilize a self-assessment tool such as the following:

Otherworld encourages its customers who may be experiencing problematic gameplay to contact any of the following organizations for support and additional resources:

  • National Council On Problem Gambling:
  • Gambler’s Anonymous:
  • Gambling Therapy:

Please note, these are independent organizations that are in no way affiliated with Otherworld. They do NOT provide customer support or dispute resolution services.

3. Protection of Minors

Otherworld is committed to protecting minors and ensuring that those under the age of eighteen (18) are not permitted to create an account on the Otherworld platform. To this end, Otherworld reserves the right to ask for proof of identity, and in the case of a customer who has not reached the legal age to play, deny access or delete a pre-existing account.

Customers who share a phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with family or friends who are under the legal age to participate in gameplay are encouraged to monitor their Otherworld account and implement measures to ensure the account cannot be accessed by underage individuals. Customers will be responsible for actions taken from their accounts, consistent with our terms and conditions.